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We sell everything new and currently available as well as everything and everything that was ever published within the Adventure Gaming Industry.

I have been in this business since 1977. Due to health considerations and an order to "reduce stress" I have had to give up a major portion of my business. In the spring of 2012 I closed the store and sold off the major inventory to Chimera Hobby of Wisconsin. I have also had to discontinue the want list service and my convention activities.

We had a large inventory set-aside specifically for E-bay. This was the only portion of the business I retained and it is still active.

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On a strictly historical note, Crazy Egor built and maintained a giant 10,000 square foot store in Henrietta (south of Rochester). Due to severe back problems (five ruptured disks) that manifested itself in the spring of 1997, Egor had to give up his large store and move to the smaller facility, in Hilton New York, that was close to home and his offices. He and Mrs. Egor run the smaller store, complete with the mail order. They were well known for their highly regarded Want List System, providing an exceptional search service for the Game Industry. They were also famous for the huge selection they would bring to Gencon and Origins. Click here to see an example of one of their booths at Origins.

A couple of years ago, Egor caught a bacterial infection that destroyed his Aortic Valve. With an artificial valve replacement he is doing fine but there are some things (like his Scuba certification) that he had to give up.

Egor is 'officially' semi-retired now after over thirty years in the industry. He will be at Origins and Gencon in the future, participating in GAMA Activities and working with the other venders. He will also continue with his E-bay store.

Crazy Egor's Adventure Game Warehouse
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