Crazy Egor's Information - Shipping & Handling Costs

Your shipping cost is based on the weight of the items plus the minor handling charge of $2 per order. There is no additional charge for extra items, only the postage for the combined weights of your items. The weight of every item is noted in the last paragraph of the product description

Flat Rate envelopes and boxes are limited in what they can hold. Please contact us first if you wish multiple items, as they may not fit. The E-bay shipping calculator does not allow for these size limits. We will refund your payment and advise of shipping options if you send in your payment before we are able to issue you an invoice.

Any time we can economize using a flat rate product or by manually combining shipments, we will automatically issue a refund for the excess postage. We do not profit on shipping and handling; we only wish to cover costs.

We are a business. The 'handling' charge was developed to cover our costs of doing business within the e-bay system. It is critical, as a business, to be aware of and recoup costs. We have chosen to use a small handling charge for this purpose. This allows us to place our excess inventory on e-bay at very low prices. 'Handling' covers not just packaging but preparation of products, production of e-bay files, and all fees and extra charges we deal with in the course of a transaction.

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