Crazy Egor's Information - Foreign Shipping

We will always try and quote foreign delivery using United States Postal Service Priority Mail. The security provided and the speed with which they deliver makes it an excellent choice. We use Flat rate envelopes wherever we are able. The only drawback is they are limited in what they can hold. E-bay's shipping calculator does NOT make a distinction of volume, only weight. Please contact us first if you wish to ship more than one item in a flat rate envelope. E-bay's shipping calculator is not particularly bright and will allow far more in a flat rate envelope than is safe to ship.

Your shipping cost is based on the postage for the delivery method you choose plus the simple, single handling cost per order. Postage cost is dependant on the weight of the package as noted at the bottom of every listing. You can determine your own postage costs by accessing the USPS web site If E-bay makes an error and estimates an excessively high postage amount, we automatically issue you a refund. We only wish to recover our net costs with the Shipping and Handling charges.

All shipping quotes show all normal shipping methods that are available. Other shipping options are available on request.

All items are wrapped and have chipboard liners to protect them during transit. Larger items and Boxed games are cushioned and packaged accordingly.

If the customer does not specify, all domestic, APO and FPO are sent Priority Mail. Foreign packages are sent Priority Mail. Media mail (Domestic US only) is inexpensive but can take an inordinately long time to arrive. Six to twelve week deliveries are not unusual. The Post Office no longer offers Surface Mail to our foreign customers.

The customer is responsible for paying whatever customs duties may be applicable. We are required by law to state the value of the items as merchandise on the customs forms. We always list game books and Games as "old Printed Matter" and miniatures as 'metal figures'. We have found by our experience that this speeds customs and eliminates problems.

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